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 Daniel answered,
“May the king live forever! My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions.
Daniel 6. 21-22

Before stepping into Haiti, I experienced great spiritual warfare; missionaries would warn me about how dangerous it is. I started to deepen my knowledge about Haiti, how they had been tragically hit by an earthquake in 2010 and many hurricanes. It looked like a cursed land. This also reflected very clearly when I passed the border from the Dominican Republic to Haiti. We went from a green land to a literally a dry land with a flying thick white dust polluting the air and sticking into my hair and skin. The Dominican Republic has a beautiful tropical vegetation so how come that Haiti was so different, on the same Caribbean island, two nations. The history tells that the Haitians made a pact with the devil to win freedom from the French colonisation in 1804.

While I was understanding more of the history, I became more and more decided to go, understanding the despair of the haitian with so much orphans. The Lord showed me how He had protected Daniel in the lions cage, He gave me the tekst of Daniel 6 as a confirmation to go to Haiti.

Even if I was going into a cursed and dry land, God was with me.

Into my sleep,  I had a dream: an ancient fence was closing above my throats, I was starting to suffocate, and a dark figure asked me : - are you sure you want to sacrifice yourself for those people? I responded: - Jesus already sacrifice himself and suddenly the fence opened and I woke up. I overcame the spiritual warfare by proclaiming the name of Jesus and the doors opened for my team and I.

Redemption for Haiti

I felt the love of God for the Haitians people, they are very humble and kindhearted. So many Haitians had had a deep encounter with the living hope during the earthquake and they still had tears in their eyes talking about the traumatic events. I saw much potential in the youth, eager to learn and eager to know more about Jesus. We have been sharing story of Jesus in many orphanages and children projects but also we have been counseling several youth leaders and project leaders. 

The Lord especially brought me to Maxo, a young leader of a football project, evangelising in this way a lot of young people.

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