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Democratic Republic of the Congo

And they departed and went through the villages, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere. Luke 9.6

To teach the children how to pray to our heavenly Father and listen to his voice, to testify how the Lord has healed me, to teach young woman how ''to guard your heart above all things'' and to preach in difficult reachable villages those are some of the things the Lord has put into my heart for Congo. 

Reaching the Unreached

24th of august 2023, I will depart from Schipol, the Netherlands to Lumbubashi, Congo. The local church ''La Parole Eternelle'' will receive me. My plan is to reach the villages of the region Katanga with the gospel.  Locals will guide me.


It is during the fast week (january 2023) in our church that the Lord spoke to me: ''Go to Congo''. The Lord had already being speaking to me about Congo. He was letting my hart burn for Africa. I remembered that the village I served in Colombia is also called the ''little Africa''. The Afro-Colombian village ''Palenque de san Basilio'' have roots in Congo. I felt that someday the Lord would send me there. This day has come.

Project for Congo

By providing a water filter where there is no clean water we can prevent diseases. I would like to offer a filter to each local churches in the villages. The filter can also be use as an illustration to preach the gospel: When we accept Jesus in our hearts, our sins are filtered, we are forgiven, we are washed and made pure again.

Would you like to donate a ''Filter of Hope''? The water filters bacteria like the E. Coli that can give severe diaree. They are specialy design for poor communities, light-weighted, small and there is no electricity needed. The cost for one filter is €‎70 including export cost. A box of 42 filters is €2000. 

Church partners

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